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Chicago Electric has created the Corr24 brand of upgrades for corrugator and converting equipment. The combination of existing products from Chicago Electric and new technology from Corr24 Germany creates the broadest range of upgrades available to the corrugating industry.  Corr24 is the Chicago Electric brand of upgrades for the corrugating industry. More than 3,500 upgrade solutions have been installed in the last 25 years.


Eliminate obsolete DC motors with the ProDrive AC Vector upgrade and improve the reliability of your equipment.

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Combine machine control and set-up control into a single solution with the ProSet Upgrade for FFGs. Eliminate obsolete OEM computer controls with a proven Allen-Bradley PLC.

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Achieve a new level of plant floor visual management and accountability with the popular ProDisplay—guaranteed to improve the productivity of converting equipment.

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Function Control sheet counters for corrugated board, count your board accurately and assure that you invoice what you supply, and supply what you invoice..

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Take control of singlefacer glue application with the ProTouch hydraulic upgrade; patented soft touch technology eliminates operator adjustment of the paper gap.


Make your doublebacker faster and more durable by removing obsolete bull gears and upgrading to the ProGear Doublebacker Direct Drive…the #1 solution for over 20 years.


Achieve higher doublebacker speeds and better temperature transfer with ProPlate thin wall hot plates. Improve bonding with ProPress roller shoe and pressure shoe components.


Run your Singlefacer at full capacity with Drive, PLC and Hydraulic upgrades. Achieve ‘better than OEM’ performance with proven technology from Corr24. Make your Singlefacer a ProFacer.

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