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The PickBot from Chicago Electric features Solomon Random Bin Picking technology, providing an intelligent, user friendly and versatile solution that quickly automates three dimensional pick and place applications.

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Artificial Intelligence – The Power of PickBot
Deep learning with convolution neural networks, reduces training time and requires no 3D-CAD file for object recognition.

Object recognition and location is established in 0.1 seconds; providing very fast cycle times. The PickBot can pick different objects placed together in a random orientation. Smart software includes 3D dimensioning, quality detection, and robot motion path control.

The PickBot can be used in a wide variety of applications including assembly, packaging, and loading/unloading of random placed parts. High resolution vision of image areas to 31” x 47”.

PickBot Available for Leading Robot Brands
The power of PickBot is available for Universal, ABB, and Yaskawa/Motoman robots; providing a wide range of payload and reach options.

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Image Pixels — 2.3M / 5.0M
Field of View — Min 7”x10”; Max 31”x47”
Process Time — 0.1 – 0.2 seconds
Scanner Type — Structured LED Light


3D Measurement
Quality Detection
Multi Object Recognition
Robot Vision Guidance
Pick and Place Optimization
Path Planning Optimization