Measure machine production
Visualize key performance metrics
Data log 24/7 operation
Communicate plant floor, plant wide, worldwide!

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  • The key to improved productivity is visibility of performance and ProDisplayTM is a tool for the factory floor displaying key metrics of speed, quantity and downtime. Actual-vs-target performance is continuously displayed in real-time to operators and management.
  • A unique bundled-technology solution, ProDisplayTM is guaranteed to improve the productivity of your manufacturing process. It uses the latest in video and web-server technology to communicate information via multi-mode video including large screen display; desktop PC and smart phone. Production data is logged 24/7 for analysis.
  • Customized to your specific information needs, the system is offered as a stand-alone solution with machine sensor; or connected to your existing PLC or manufacturing software. A true “plug and play” product, there is no software to install, no configuration programming and no dip-switch settings.
  • Deliver real-time actionable data of production & machine status
  • Motivate operators by displaying key machine metrics & goals
  • Instantly deliver data to a desktop computer or the “palm of your hand”
  • Incorporate big-screen LCD video displays for color visualization
  • Large 18” character display is visible from hundreds of feet
  • No software needed to buy, install, support or maintain
  • Upward compatible to plant HMIs, SCADA systems & SAP
  • Proven system with installations worldwide

Additional information

Video advantage

• Single or dual display options
• Large display characters (18”) viewable from hundreds of feet
• Dynamic color backgrounds indicating process condition
• Variety of data displayed via multi-screen sequence
• Custom message displays controlled by user
• Big, bold and modern scoreboard for your factory floor


• Ability to interface to all industry standard PLCs
• Desktop PC display via browser
• Self-contained, data stays in-house
• Cellular phone interface including iPhone App
• Automatic text and e-mail messaging
• Upward compatibility to HMI, SCADA and SAP
• Optional cellular module for “IT free” interface

Data logging/ historian

• Real-time 24/7 data reporting log
• Stores data up to one year minimum
• Compatible with all Microsoft Office tools
• Automatic creation of daily CSV log files
• Shift summary e-mail report
• Downtime alert via text/e-mail


• Communication protocols: Ethernet; RS-232; RS-485
• Available 8-digital inputs for user interface to system
• Available 6-digital outputs for external control
• High-speed input sensor (Encoder, Photoeye, or Proximity)
• Control enclosure: 16”x16”x 8” NEMA rated
• Power requirements: 120/240 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 5 AMP
• Video displays: Color LCD, 42” and 52” options
• UL listed; Made in the USA

Complete solution

• Includes video display, mounting hardware, controller, and sensor
• Independent interface; no modification to your machine required
• System pre-configured to your specification; no programming
• Update system changes by electronic file or CF module
• Sound investment; scalable and adaptable
• No software to install, no management fees
• Simple integration; delivered in complete kit form