ProDrive™ AC Vector Program replaces obsolete AC and DC drives with the latest technology at a great value. ProDrive™ is available from 10 to 250 HP
as a complete engineered solution with control options and wiring diagrams for quick and easy installation. ProDrive™ is the choice to get your machinery running, with selected ratings in stock for same day shipment.

  • Upgrade obsolete drives with ProDrive™ AC vector motors & controls
  • 10 – 250 HP completely engineered solutions
  • Same day shipment gets you up & running fast


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AC Vector Controller

ProDrive™ offers two controllers: the cost-efficient Unidrive open loop controller; and the high-performance PowerFlex controller.

  • 10 – 250 HP
  • 460 VAC


Emerson Control Techniques
Unidrive Controller

  • Open loop control
  • Easy to use


Rockwell Allen-Bradley
PowerFlex 753 Controller

  • Closed loop control
  • High performance

AC Vector Motor

ProDrive™ AC motors are available in two designs:the standard TEFC NEMA frame or the RPM Series in a compact blower-ventilated frame size.

  • 10 – 250 HP
  • 1800 RPM, 460 VAC
  • 20:1 constant torque speed range


NEMA Frame Motor

  • TEFC
  • Cast iron


RPM Series Motor

  • Blower ventilated
  • Direct replacement for Reliance DC motors

Additional information


Rotary Die Cutter
• 50 HP Ward RDC
• TEFC Motor
• SK Series Controller

Flexo Folder Gluer
• 75 HP Koppers FFG
• RPM Series Motor
• PowerFlex Controller

Preheater Direct Drive
• 10HP Langston Upgrade
• TEFC Motor with Gear Reducer
• SK Series Controller

• 100 HP Langston XD
• RPM Series Motor with Encoder
• PowerFlex Controller

Glue Machine
• Langston 131 Direct Drive
• 10 HP Motors with Encoders
• UniDrive Controllers

• 250 HP Direct Drive Upgrade
• RPM Series Motor with Encoder
• UniDrive Controller

• Marquip Model III
• 10 HP TEFC Motors with Encoders
• PowerFlex Controllers