Robot “Pick & Place” Injection Molded Fan Assembly

‘Pick’ four finished parts and ‘place’ disk insert for overmold

  • 300 ton Niigata injection molding machine.
  • Six axis robot fits compact machine layout with ‘reach around’ to pick/place station.
  • Custom vacuum tooling to “pick & place” qty (4) molded fans and place insert disk for overmold.
  • Total cycle time 40 seconds; Mold open pick/place 6 seconds

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Motoman MH12 Six Axis Robot

  • Payload- 24 lbs.
  • Vertical reach- 98 in.
  • Horizontal reach- 56 in.

Motoman DX200 Controller

Euromap 12 SPI Interface

SAS – Custom end of arm tooling

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