PickBot Bin Pick Robot

Random bin pick with Solomon 3-D vision technology. Applications include: Pick and Sort; Pick and Place; Conveyor Tracking Pick.

PickBot Bin Pick Machine Tending Robot

Random bin pick with Solomon 3-D vision, additional camera for precise part location. Universal UR5 robot loads part into machine for processing.

PickBot Bin Pick and Sort Robot

Random bin pick of three different items. Universal UR5 robot sorts items into individual bin locations.

PickBot – Logistics

Fulfillment system for warehouse with 7th axis robot.

PlaceBot – Building Materials

Pick and Place of 2×4’s with Yaskawa robots and vision guidance.

PlaceBot Sheet Loading Robot

The “PlaceBot” uses vision technology to precisely place a sheet of material into a forming process from a random stack.

PlaceBot-Sheet Pick & Stack

FoodBot – Pick and Place Robot

The FoodBot used for picking and placing individual candies from in-feed conveyor to lug conveyor.

FoodBot – Pick and Pack Robot

The FoodBot used for picking two candy bars and packing them into a box.

“Pick & Place” Robot

Our most popular video shows a Motoman MH12 picking finished parts from an injection molding machine and placing inserts for the next cycle.


This large format gantry was developed with ServoLinear components from Chicago Electric.


The “VisionBot” inspects an electric motor to provide detailed and documented quality verification.


The vision guided “PalletBot” de-palletizes metal enclosures and positions them exactly using a secondary vision system…DoubleVision.

Chicago Electric – 100 years

Enjoy the 100 year history of Chicago Electric in 95 seconds.

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